Tips & Techniques: Adding Colour to Rhinestones & Pearls

Tips & Techniques: Adding Colour to Rhinestones & Pearls

If you’re like me and LOVE to use rhinestones & pearl accents, but don’t always have the right colours, then this tip is for you.  My favourite thing to do is to colour my rhinestones & pearls with a Stampin’ Blends marker!

Yep, you can colour your rhinestones!

I usually colour clear rhinestones because I tend to buy these in bulk, especially since I always run out of the smallest sized ones.

Here is a picture of the coloured pearls for my card.  I wanted the colour to complement my crumb cake flourish on my card.  So I recommend colouring your pearls or rhinestones with the darker shade of Stampin’ Blends

When colouring your rhinestones and pearls, here are a couple of important things to keep in mind:

  1. Apply the colour evenly as the colour can come off if you run the Stampin’ Blend back over it.  I usually smoosh my Stampin’ Blend on the top and circle my way down all the way to the plastic sheet
  2. Choose a Stampin’ Blend with a darker colour than you want it to be.  The rhinestone and pearls take colour, but it ends up lighter than if the marker is colouring white paper
  3. I “test” my Stampin’ Blends colours on the larger rhinestones and pearls as I don’t use them often.
  4. You can easily change your shade of colour by taking another Stampin’ Blend and colouring over it
  5. Let the ink fully dry and lightly tap the rhinestone or pearl with your finger to make sure all the extra ink is off.  Otherwise, you can end up with a mark on your paper if you move your rhinestones around like I tend to do

Here is my final card!

I hope you found this tip useful.  Thanks for stopping by and have a great day!

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