Blades of Glory


Paper?  Check.  Ribbon?  Check.  Scissors-crafting scissors?  you know, the kind designed to cut paper and ribbon.  Good scissors, not the all-purpose ones your family uses to trim hair, cut duct tape or deadhead plants.  If you have paper and ribbon, you also need scissors specially designed for papercrafting.

Good news!  I've got just the scissors you need.  they're designed for papercrafting; they have ultra-high-quality blades; and they make crisp, clean cuts.

  • Paper Snips excel at cutting paper and cardstock.  The 6.4cm stainless steel blades are sharp right to the tip-you can make intricate cuts in the tiniest areas
  • Craft Scissors gluide through ribbon and fabric like a hot knife through cheesecake.  The heavy-duty 9.5cm stainless steel blades cut clean and neat, leaving smooth edges
  • Fringe Scissors snip rows of teeny tiny cuts.  the ten blades make quick fringe or confetti

Use each type of scissors only on the products they are designed for to keep them sharp.

Product List

Paper Snips Scissors



Craft Scissors





Fringe Scissors





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