What’s all the fuss about the Bone Folder?

What’s all the fuss about the Bone Folder?

So what’s all the fuss about bone folders? Simply put, this basic craft tool is the “multi-tasker” of tools. It does it ALL. Bone folders are ideal for making cards with great folds, invitations with perfect smoothed liners, stationery with clean creases, scrap booking scores for recessing photos, and virtually anything in the realm of bookbinding. A bone folder makes anything you create look more professional.


The old tried-and-true “basic” bone folder (traditionally made of animal bone –the way old fashioned bookbinders have been for using them for centuries) has two ends with specific purposes. One end is narrowed to a softer point, which makes them great for deep scoring of heavy-weight paper and indenting for marking on book board. The tip can be sanded to the desired roundness depending on the project.

Two (2) of the most popular things a bone folder is used for is –

  1. Scoring your paper crafting projects to create score lines for Cards, boxes and other paper crafting projects
  2. Burnish a fold

Watch the videos below to show you how to do each technique

Introduction to the Bone Folder

In this video you will be introduced to Stampin’ Up!’s bone folder.

How to Score using a Bone Folder

In this video you will learn how to use your bone folder to create a score line in your paper crafting projects.  Why might you need to do this?  If you don’t own a paper trimmer that has a scoring blade, or you have lost your scoring blade you will still be able to get a nice clean fold line using your bone folder.

How to Burnish using a Bone Folder

In this video you will learn how to use Stampin’ Up!’s Bone Folder to burnish a fold.

Multiple ways to use your bone folder in your crafting projects.  You can purchase one in my online store on this link HERE

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