Kids Craft – Santa’s Workshop

Kids Craft – Santa’s Workshop My 4 yr old daughter LOVES to craft.  Every afternoon after kindy the first thing she wants to do is make a card.  I love it how she is so interested in what I do, and wants to create alongside me.  In today’s post I’m sharing with you a quick […]

Shaving Cream Marbling with Kids

Shaving Cream Marbling with Kids If you haven’t tried shaving cream marbling yet, you must! So fun and so beautiful.  This was an activity we did recently at playgroup.   Items Needed Shaving Cream Food colouring or dye ink refills Shallow pan or tray Cardstock Ruler Step #1. Spray shaving cream Spray shaving cream into […]

Happy Birthday to a Special 3 Year Old

Happy Birthday to a Special 3 Year Old This past week our little girl Bianca, turned three (3).  She has brought so much joy to our lives, and after trying for many years to start a family we will finally blessed with our only child Bianca. Although it has taken me many years to come […]

Marble Painting for Toddlers

Marble Painting for Toddlers Marble painting for toddlers is a great art activity, as it helps with the motor skills, while having fun, creating abstract art.   Items Needed Shallow Cardboard box or baking tray paper or cardstock tape paint in various colours marbles STEP 1 First, prepare for marble painting by taping a sheet of paper or […]

Putting up the Christmas Tree

We were going back home to visit family for Christmas and would be away for most of December and January.  So I thought why put up a Christmas Tree?  But at the same time, it’s Christmas and you can’t get into the Christmas Spirit without the Christmas Tree. This year would also be the first […]