Simple Masculine Birthday Card

Simple Masculine Birthday Card I won’t lie, making masculine cards scare me, I always seem to struggle with how and what to create.  That’s why this week I decided to set myself a challenge.  Setting a challenge lets me stretch my creativity to another level, and think outside the box.  As I shared during my […]

What are you making for Father’s Day?

What are you making for Father’s Day? This project was featured in my “Ultimate Guide to Masculine Cards” that I posted earlier in the month, if you missed it you can view it HERE. Coming up with the right colour combination can be tricky.  I like to look at the pattern paper I have and […]

My Top Five go to items to create masculine cards

My Top Five go to items to create Masculine Cards For some reason, many of us come up with a creative block when it comes to masculine cards, therefore, today I want to share with you my Top five (5) go-to items to Create Masculine Cards Cardstock  Often the first stumbling block is colour. Colours […]

Ultimate Masculine Cardmaking Guide

Ultimate Masculine Cardmaking Guide Many people find it difficult to create masculine cards.  If you are one of them, then this “Ultimate Masculine Cardmaking Guide ​”  is for you.  Masculine cards are not just needed for Father’s Day, but throughout the year as well.  However, with Father’s Day approaching it is the perfect time to discuss this topic.   Creating cards for guys […]

Masculine – Die Cut Inlay

Masculine – Die Cut Inlay A Die cut inlay is not a new technique it has been around for some time.  Die Cut Inlay is when you cut an image or shape and put it back in the same place, this give it a bit of dimension as appose to leaving your image just stamped. […]

Masculine Thank You Card

Masculine Thank You Card In today’s project we’re creating Masculine Thank You Card.  I always have to stop and think when I need to create a card for a guy as the usual flowers and pretty ribbons are not going to work when creating masculine cards. I wanted to use the Hardwood Stamp for my […]

Masculine – For You

One of the most common requests we hear over and over again is for more masculine-themed card ideas. Most card makers would agree it’s much easier to create a card for a girl than a guy.  You can’t layer a floral spray, lace and a greeting on a card and expect a guy to appreciate it! Creating cards for […]

Use Those Scraps!

I am like the rest of you; I have a couple of envelopes of scraps from past projects that have gathered on my desk. There’s a small box of papers and a tin full of random embellishments, a few stamped images and bits of ribbons. These things have been accumulating for months and haven’t made it […]

Masculine Cards for Guys!

Many people find it difficult to create masculine cards.  The best way to begin is to get into the right mindset — be open to the possibilities and try not to limit your thinking to what items you can actually use on a masculine card.  For some reason many of us come up with a […]

Easy-to-Make Cards for Men & Boys

Do you find it easier to create cards for the women in you life versus the men?  It is because we are drawn more to products and projects we can identify with?  Creating cards for guys can be just as easy if you follow a few basic tips and keep it simple. The items that […]