Do you LOVE to Collect Card Making Ideas?

Do you LOVE to Collect Card Making Ideas?

If you love to collect card making ideas? – really GOOD, really GORGEOUS, really FUN card making ideas – I have something for you that is going to make you so happy you just might stand up and dance!

Imagine each week opening up your inbox and seeing:

  • One project idea
  • Detailed and in depth step-by-step instructions
  • All ready for you to adapt using YOUR own style.  YOUR own supplies and YOUR own interests.

Can you even begin to imagine all the fabulous crafting you would do?

Tutorial Weekly is the answer to the number one stamper’s challenge – choosing what project to make.

Here’s how it works:  each month you will receive – right in your inbox – four issues, each containing one project idea with Step-by-Step instructions, supply list and measurements.

You will be able to create a full library of inspirations that you will be able to use over and over and never run out of ideas!

Here’s a sneak peek at what’s coming during the month of August.

OK, OK.  I know.  How much, right?  Hold onto your stamps….ready?  Just $7 a month!

Pop on over here to read more.  This is the solution so many of you have been asking for and I am thrilled to be able to offer all these fabulous card making ideas though my Tutorial Weekly program.

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