Everything You Need to Know About Stamps

Everything You Need to Know About Stamps

Most card makers stamp their images onto their handmade cards. Stamping is one of the quickest and easiest ways to create highly personalized cards over and over again. Forget spending 5 bucks  or more for a card at a local store. Purchasing a stamp set gives you an endless amount of creative potential.

Stamp sets are essential to your repertoire and come in thousands of sizes, designs, and styles. They’re easy to use, easy to clean, easy to store, and quickly become addictive! For card making, choose a set (or 2, 3, or as many as you’d like) of either Photopolymer or Rubber Cling Stamps. Both types will work well for you, it’s up to you on which you prefer.

If you’re new to stamping, I recommend this convenient resource: “Getting Started with Card Making” series where you can learn everything you need to know about How To Get Started with Card Making all in one place.

I recently recorded a video showcasing all you need to know about Stamps.  You can watch that below.

For those who rather read about different types of stamps and how to choose what stamp sets to purchase.

What’s the difference between photopolymer and cling stamps?

Photopolymer stamps are transparent, so you can see completely through them.  They come attached to an acetate sheet, but without any support or backing (no wood blocks like traditional red rubber stamps have).  An acrylic block or stampartus is needed in order to use the photopolymer stamps.

To use, the stamp is taken off the acetate sheet, then put onto the block or stamparatus to begin stamping.  Because they are clear, you can see exactly where your stamp will be positioned on your paper or project.  You can stamp or emboss with photopolymer stamps.

Getting Started with Card Making: Stamps

Rubber Stamps are the red stamps that are typically mounted to a wood block or come without a wood block (also known as cling stamps) and you can mount them to an acrylic block similar to photopolymer stamps.

Red rubber stamps are more durable and typically high-quality, making them more versatile with heavier substances.  A downside to wood-mounted rubber stamps is that you cannot see through them to view the exact placement of your image.

Red rubber stamps work wonderfully for stamping and embossing.

How to Assemble your Cling Mount Stamps

I have a quick video demonstrating “How to Assemble Your Cling Mount Stamps”

What is an Acrylic Block?

Acrylic blocks are a tool used with photopolymer and cling mount stamps.  These are sold separately from the stamps and you can save 10% when you purchase your acrylic blocks in a bundle .

Acrylic blocks are transparent blocks that come in a variety of sizes to suit different sized stamps.  A clear, photopolymer or cling mount stamp will cling to a stamping block, then you can use the block to press the stamp onto your paper, fabric or material of choice.

Deciding Which Stamp Set to Purchase First

If you new to stamping, trying to decide which stamp set/s to buy can be somewhat daunting, especially when faced with a 220 page catalogue.  Here are a few things to look for when purchasing your stamps so you can get the most use out of them.

  • Pick a stamp set that has both greetings and pictures.  This will save you buying two (2) stamp sets. Plus every card you would want to place an image and a greeting.
  • A stamp set that can be used more than once.  Example don’t just pick a fun Birthday set because all you can do is Birthday cards.  What else can you potentially do with it.
  • Try to think of 5 different ways you can use the set first.  This will ensure you get maximum use

Let’s look at this Balloon Celebrations Stamp set below

Here are a few things I can do with this Birthday Stamp Set

  • Balloons to create a fun Birthday card
  • Cloud image top left I could use as a top of a cupcake
  • Balloon strings (bottom right) I could add the inside of the balloon (image just above the strings) and create a bouquet of flowers.
  • There are multiple greetings that could make all these ideas possible.

What else can you create with the stamp set?


My challenge for you, is to look at your stamp sets, or if you’re purchasing your first stamp set look through the catalogue and pick a stamp set that you can maximize your uses of it.

Now that you know all there is about stamps to help start your card making journey, you’ll be ready to dive in and have everything you need to create beautiful, meaningful handmade cards time and time again.

Next we’ll be talking all about ink.  What the different types of inks are out there.  What type of ink is best to use, and How to decide which ink to buy first. You can learn more on this link HERE

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