How To Get Your Hands on the New Annual Catalogue!

How To Get Your Hands on the New Annual Catalogue!

The new Stampin’ Up!® Annual Catalogue has landed in my hot little hands and it is AMAZING.

How can you get your hands on your copy AND order new products?

That is a GREAT questions. Those that have ordered from me in last 12 months will have received an email letting them know that I have ordered them a catalogue.

For everyone else you can sign up for a catalogue here

Now, how do you order new product now? YOU JOIN UP. Otherwise you have to wait until the 3rd June 2020. Seriously? Why wait when you can order new products now and get $66 FOR FREE. Yes you read that right.

You can order a max of $235 worth of product and you pay…… $169 and FREE postage. That is a saving of around $77. UNBELIEVABLE!


Once you join up you will be able to shop for more new products, as I am sure that there is more that you want… and you will receive 20% discount on every purchase you make.  EVEN BETTER.





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