How to Make a Standard Card Base for Greeting Cards

How to Make a Standard Card Base for Greeting Cards

To make a greeting card, you first need a card base. This is a plain piece of cardstock that’s been cut and folded into the shape of a card. It’s called a ‘card base’ because it’s the base onto which you stamp images, layer papers, etc. to create your greeting card.

Although you can buy pre-made card bases, they’re also very easy to make! Today I’ll show you two (2) ways to  make a standard card base from a sheet A4 cardstock, using just a few basic tools.

What is a Standard Card Base?

standard card base — also sometimes called an ‘A6’ card base — is one that measures 105 x 148mm (10 x 15) when finished. This size of card base is the most common one that stampers use to make greeting cards.

Once you learn how to make a standard card base, you can apply the same technique to make card bases in any size you like.

Watch this short video while share with you 2 ways to cut your cardstock to create a cardbase

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