Ink a stamp with Stampin’ Write Markers

Welcome to today’s tutorial, in this video I want to show you how you can ink up a stamp using your Stampin’ Write Markers.  Stampin’ Write Markers come in handy when you want to give an image multiple colours, for example I want my words to be Crumb Cake and my boarders to be Basic Black.

But before I share with you my project, let me tell you how you can use this technique.

Choose Happiness Journal {Stamp Club Mar 15}

There are a couple of things to keep in mind when working with Stampin’ Write Markers. 

  1. You always want to work with the lightest colour to the darkest colour. 

You can apply ink to your stamp with either the brush tip or the fine tip, in general if you’re covering a large surface area, then you are going to want to use the brush tip, if you have a very tiny little area then you may want to use the fine tip.

I myself will find that as long as you are careful to preserve the point on your marker you can use that for all but the very tiniest details.

  1. When using Stampin’ Write Markers in order to prolong them long term is to try and preserve the point. 

What that means is that you have to pay careful attention on how you are using it to colour.  You never want to scrub down on your image or press hard, but rather you just want to take the tip and gently brush it on the image.

You may notice as you colour is that the individual parts of the stamps come very close together  that’s why you want to make sure you colour in order from lightest to darkest. Because let’s say I coloured the other way darkest to lightest, and as I was colouring my lightest colour I accidently touched over to the next colour (darker) I would then stain the tip of my marker with the darker colour.  This way if I go over light to dark if my darker colour accidently goes over the lighter colour, then it doesn’t really matter because it’s not going to show up on the darker marker tip.

Once you have your image completely coloured, the next thing you need to do is remoisten the ink.  One of the things you will notice as you colour images, especially the larger images is that by the time you get to the very last colour the ink won’t look as shinny and moist it will look like it is dried a little bit.

Quickest way to remoisten is simply bring the inked image up to your mouth so that it is a couple of inches away and open your lips up wide and gently breath hot moist air onto it.  This is called huffing on your stamp.  Once you’ve done that you then stamp down your image onto cardstock as you would any other stamp.

That’s all there is to using your Stampin’ Write Markers for basic colouring of a stamp. 

Stampin' Up! have created this video to show you a fabulous technique with a fun tool that is perfect for any stamper. It's a Stampin' Write Marker! It inexpensively expands your ink selection—allowing you to stamp images in any colour (or colours) you choose!

Here's a project I've created using the same technique.  The Stamp Set I have choosen is Choose Happiness and I've coloured my greeting using Crumb Cake and Basic Black Stampin' Write Markers.

Choose Happiness Journal {Stamp Club Mar 15}

Here's the video tutorial you can watch on how I created this project

So why not give this technique a try, you can purchase the Stampin' Write Markers in my Online Store HERE


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