Organisation – Home & Away

Organisation – Home & Away

If you craft, you have supplies. If you have supplies, you need to organise those supplies.  Some of us craft at home, some away with friends.  Sometimes you do both.  The challenge becomes how do you store your paper, stamps inks, embellishments, adhesives, magazines, ribbons… You get the idea.  We need storage for our supplies
I have a lot of great ideas for these of you who store everything at home and for those of you who are always on the go.  We’ll also share some ideas for home storage that can be taken with you when you need to take it to a home away from home.


Permanent storage at home may include built-in pieces, bookcases, drawers, pegboards, jars and bins.  There are many options.  For paper, there are a lot of options for storing the A4 cardstock that most card makers use.  Storing 12″ x 12″ papers can be done by purchasing boxes that are large enough to hold the standard scrapbook papers.  There are great shelving systems, which you can purchase at Ikea or most craft stores, they have shelving sections that will hold the larger paper and cardstock.  Packaged embellishments can be put on pegboards, which are easily installed on a wall, just as you might use in the garage for tools.  Another option is to put packaged embellishments in containers or totes like these stamp cases from Stampin’ Up!  I like these because they are stackable, and they can also be taken with you if you want to craft away from home.

Items like buttons and ribbons can become colourful decorations while being stored. Fill clear jars of various sizes and group them by colour on shelves for a nice pop of colour in your craft room.  If you don’t have the space for individual jars, compartmentalised cases work perfectly for keeping buttons and sequins of different colour or suite separate from each other.
Often, after the packages are opened, it’s nice to have a container to store the embellishments.  Many times, I use zip lock bags or resealable plastic bags for keeping specific embellishments together.  Other times i will sort the pieces by colour or theme to compartimentised in boxes that can be found at most any craft store.
Crafting on the go all the time?  It’s helpful to have a nice bag with rollers to move your supplies from place to place.  There are lots of different bags on the market.  Find on that will store you supplies in a way that you can easily find them and keep them packed up for the next time.  If you’re like me, you may need more than one.
The main thing is to find what works for you.  When you craft, do you look for an embellishment for a certain colour, or do you work within a collection or suite?  If you define your methods, it’s easier to figure out your storage needs.


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