Perfectly Flat Mixed Background

Hello, hello!!!  The focus of today's card is "Perfectly Flat" Perfectly flat cards are also often referred to One Layer Cards. I'm falling in love with flat cards!

One Layer Cards can pack a serious "…. THUD!" factor when taking a variety of different aspects or strategies into consideration.  Today's video features a design to showcase of some of these straegies.

Perfectly Flat Mixed Background

Today's card is a delightful and clever showcase for combining various patterns, made from background stamps, in a lovely monochromatic hue.  This strategy offers great impact on a flat card by focusing attention on one particular aspect:  an interesting mix of patterns "framed" by a background of white, which I created by masking off the perimeter of the card.

TIPS Perfectly Flat Mixed Background Cards:

  • Test out different combinations of backgrounds by first stamping them on strips of scrap paper; play around with combinations until you find something you like.
  • Choose a simple sentiment, such as one with a clean font or one that is no overly fussy; this will prevent the font/sentiment from competing with the intricacy of the combined background patterns 

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