Punch Storage

Wow has it been a long time since I wrote anything about organisation or what?? I have been focusing on doing Stampin Up videos and projects and have also been out of town visiting family back home.  Our family recently moved to Outback Australia with my husbands work, we will be here in for the next 4 years.  When it came time to move and pack my craft room, well lets just say I had two (2) rooms full of craft supplies and needed to desperately cut it down  (I’ve kept everything since day one of joining Stampin’ Up! including all the retired stock) to fit into one (1) room as we would be moving into a smaller house.

I was excited to move and for our family to start a new adventure together, I never dreamed I would ever live in Outback Australia this country is truly amazing.  However, when we arrived there had been a mix up with the housing availability and were provided with a 2 Bedroom unit.  So HOW was I going to fit all my craft supplies in?, was I going to have a craft room again?  The answer, was NO.

Thinking caps went on, and once again I needed to rethink my craft supplies  I came to the realisation that I reeaalllly didn’t need two Big Shots, or 2 of every ink colour, or 2 of every punch.  So they had to be packed up again sent back to Brisbane and placed in storage.

So the question then became.  HOW am I going to store what I now have?  As there was no rooms available for me to have a craft room again it meant that my place of craft would be the kitchen table, that brought additional challenges.  HOW am I going to work from the kitchen table, and use my craft supplies all with my 18 month toddler running around?

Punch storage

Storage solution

My storage solutions needed to be smart but effective to meet my needs for crafting.  My solution for punch storage is the over the door shoe rack holders.  These are easy to find and pretty cheap solution for punch storage I have two (2) they both hang off the bedroom doors that way I can still access them when miss 18 months is asleep.

Most of us have had a challenge with finding solutions regarding our punch storage, but I hope maybe I have given you an idea. I would love to hear what your ideas or solutions are for storing punches.

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