Quick Tip for using Stampin’ Blends

Quick Tip for using Stampin’ Blends

If you are anything like me, you might make a few mistakes while colouring using your Stampin’ Blends.  I tend to colour in a frenzy of markers, paper and flailing arms – LOL

Did you know that you don’t have to toss the attempt?

If you make stray marks with your Stampin’ Blends, you might be able to erase them depending on the shade of specific colour of the offending ink.

Here’s a quick tutorial for using your Colour Lifter to correct stray ink in a coloured image

Ooops got a little too wild with my Calypso Coral Stampin’ Blends

If this happens, just let the ink dry completely.  Sometimes I will continue colouring a different area of the image while the ink dries.  It depends on where the mistake is made.  Here it’s just a bit of Calypso Coral going outside the lines, not into another area of the image, so I will continue colouring the rest of the image while the Calypso Coral ink dries completely.

Begin pushing the ink.

Notice I didn’t say erasing.  The Colour Lifter doesn’t actually erase, it pushes the ink.  So think of it like a push broom.  You want to push the stray ink back inside the lines of the image.

Start just outside of the stray ink and make small circling or sweeping motions with the brush end.  Don’t start in the middle of the splotch or you will just push it into areas you don’t want it.

Once the area is saturated with Colour Lifter, STOP.  Continuing to add more will not move more ink.  Let the area dry completely and then repeat the pushing motion again.

The process might take three, six or even ten tries to move the ink back into the image.  Be patient.

Where is the ink going?

Well, if you are doing this correctly, you are pushing the ink in front of the Colour Lifter and also through the paper.  It’s important to remember to keep a clean, absorbent surface under your work.

Check out the back of the image.  See how there is a dark line of pigment near the edge of the area that was soaked with Colour Lifter?  That’s good!

Remember, this takes time and patience and well, not ALL mistakes can be fixed.  If you make a mistake in a dark colour (or any shade of red) be aware that you might be able to lighten it, but you probably won’t move it all. The lighter the shade of ink, the easier it is to move.

I think I’ve got it!

You can see here that I was able to move almost all of the Calypso Coral ink from flower.  It did take some time, but it was well worth the effort.

I hope this quick Stampin’ Blend tip saves you time and frustration.  Next time you go a little wild when inking, give your Colour Lifter a chance to save the day.

Happy Colouring!

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