Salted Watercolour Gift Tag

This technique is completely different than anything we have done before… and that makes it particularly awesome! I used watercolours with salt, which creates a reaction that produces amazing effects.


Salt is sprinkled on a wet wash and starts to gather the watercolour pigments. The wash has to be still wet but not too shiny. The effect will vary depending on the size of the grains of salt and the wetness of the paper.

Tip: Choose colours that are next to each other in the colour wheel that way they will blend nicely together.

I started with the lightest colour of ink (Tempting Turquoise). Press it a number of times onto a non‐ stick craft sheet (alternately you can use heavy weight plastic or wax paper). Make sure that your “pool” of ink is larger than the surface area of your tag.  Next, press the second colour of ink (Dapper Denim) 2-3 times onto the non- stick craft mat directly over the first colour of ink.

Spritz the ink on the craft mat with some water.

Take your tag (created out of watercolour paper) and place it onto the craft mat – in the pool of watered-down ink.  Using fingertips, gently press it into the ink for a few seconds.  Lift the tag and then re-press it onto another spot, repeating until you have as much coverage as desired.

While the tag is still wet sprinkle with salt and heat it with a heat tool and then brush off the salt


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