Saving Marianne

Marianne is just 24 and her life depends on getting one of very few multiple-organ transplants to be performed in Australia

Marianne was born with “chronic idiopathic intestinal pseudo obstruction” and has spent the past two years in the Princess Alexandra Hospital in Brisbane, undergoing operations and being intravenously fed because she can’t digest food.

The transplant, replacing her stomach, pancreas, small intestine and duodenum, would cost $7 million in the United Sates, but money isn’t the only issue.

Doctor’s simply don’t know if Marianne can be saved.

Marianne is already a veteran of 15 major operations because her intestinal muscles no longer work to push the food through her body, and is currently waiting for an organ donor to become available.

She is chronically malnourished and, at last check, weighed under 40kg. The approximate weight of a 10-year-old.

Even if a donor with four healthy organs of the right quality and size can be found, should they save four lives by giving each organ to a different recipient, or give them all to save Marianne, who now weighs less than 40 kg?

There is an online auction to be held to help raise funds for Marianne treatment, I’ve donated various Stampin’ Up! items to the cause which you have an opportunity to bid on during auction hours from 7pm tonight to 8pm tomorrow night (25 July)

Items donated are:

Scrapbook collections


Christmas Collection


Simply Adorned items


Check out the other items donated by other small business HERE.  Good Luck and thankyou for participating.


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