Stampin’ Blends Hacks, and Storage

Previously I share with you how to test your ink and cardstock with using Stampin’ Blends, if you missed it you can read it HERE.

Today I have lots of information for you.  First I have “Stampin’ Blends” video showing clips of creative ways to use your Stampin’ Blend markers.  After that I have solutions for marker  storage.

Stampin’ Blend Hacks

I cover a lot of info, very quickly in this video!  Here’s a breakdown of all the tricks I share:

  • Custom Ribbon
  • Custom Twine
  • Adding Distress Ink
  • Shading Patterned PAper
  • Calligraphy/Handwriting
  • Custom Rhinestones
  • Custom Pearls
  • Custom Buttons
  • Coloured Wood Veneer
  • Coloured Sequins

Tips & Tricks to Note

  • Just as you would when blending into Stampin’ Blends colouring, experiment with different shades of gray for shading yoru patterned paper
  • Try colouring a full sheet of Basic Rhinestones or pearls and have them ready to go when you need them!
  • Wood soaks in the colour, so reach for a bright/vibrant marker and keep colouring until you’re satisfied with the results.


Stampin’ Blends Storage

One question that gets asked the most is: ” How do you store your Stampin’ Blends?”  Storing Stampin’ Blends is easy, just like Stampin’ Write Markers its best to store them sideways to keep the ink flowing between the two nibs.  It’s also best to find the option that works best for you, based on the size of your collection and your available space.

In the beginning this is how I stored my Stampin’ Blends… I found a 7lt tub that I had lying around the house and thought this would be perfect.  It was large enough to hold all my Stampin’ Blends plus more, and it was easily stackable.


However, it wasn’t a practical solution for long. While my Blends were laying horizontally which is the correct way to store them, it became a hassle to try and find what colour I needed / wanted.  I had no clue what colours I had on hand, and I always struggled with finding the matching shade (light or dark).  I needed to find an alternative solution and so I did.  Clear Wood Mount cases – I could fit up to 16 markers in one case, they were clear so I could see exactly what colours were in there, and I could easily have them sit on my shelf or desk in my craft room and not take up too much space.

Now it’s time to get right into colouring with our Stampin’ Blends, my next post you’ll be able to download practice sheets and start blending with your Stampin’ Blends.  Learn how Blending Basics HERE 

How do you store your Stampin’ Blends?  Let me know in the comments, would love to hear from you.







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