Stampin’ Blends – Product Compatibility

Stampin’ Blends – Product Compatibility

Previously I share with you my views on Copic Markers vs Stampin’ Blends you can read about it HERE.  To get the best results from your Stampin’ Blends, it’s vital to use the right inks and papers.  While I recommend Stamin’ Up! Whisper White cardstock and Memento Black Ink, and all my examples I will be sharing with you will be using these items.  It’s important to do your own testing for product compatibility as everyone’s inking and colouring styles are different.  It’s often a matter of personal preference.

Testing Inks 

Stamp your image onto the paper; let it dry completely.  Scribble over the stamped image with the Stampin’ Blends Colour Lifter.  Does the stamped ink bleed or feather?  If yes – it’s not a compatible ink.  If no-then it’s good ink to use with your Stampin’ Blends

Testing Papers

Draw a circle with a pencil or compatible inking pen.  Colour up to the edges using a lot of ink, saturating your paper.  Does the ink feather outside the line?  If yes-the paper may not be compatible.  If no-then it’s a good paper for your Stampin’ Blends to use.

Testing Digital Images

Print your images as normal and test the printer ink the same way you would stamping ink.  If your printer ink isn’t compatible, you can heat-set the image or make a laser copy before colouring

Next I will be sharing creative ways to use your Stampin’ Blends plus storage solutions you can read about it HERE

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