Tip & Technique: How To Create a Glitter Border

Tip & Technique: How To Create a Glitter Border

Today I want to  share one of my favourite techniques—using tear tape with glitter. I just love the extra bling glitter can add to any project. I find this technique is the easiest way to use glitter and let’s face it, we all have jars of Dazzling Diamonds Glitter just sitting around unused waiting to be cracked open. Am I right? (Maybe it’s just me) I use tear tape but you can use any type of tape adhesive for this technique.

First, place the tape where you want it. A tip on laying the tape perfectly straight is to lay your cardstock on Stampin’ Up! Grid paper and line up the ends of the tape. The ends trim off easily with a pair of scissors.

Next, sprinkle the glitter on, tap lightly and then gently brush the excess off with a small soft paintbrush. A tip on collecting the glitter is to use a coffee filter.  For some reason the fibers in coffee filters help with the static and the glitter (and embossing powder) slides easily back into their jars. You can even use different colours of glitter. Since the glitter sticks so well to the tape the colours won’t drop into another container and get all mixed up.

I always use Dazzling Diamonds glitter as its ultra fine but this technique also works with other kinds.

Here is a  card I made using this technique.

Thanks for stopping by and I hope you give this technique a try!

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