You can Follow Me EVERYWHERE

You can Follow Me EVERYWHERE

Those of you who visit Kristy Coromandel dot com regularly know that I post all sorts of projects, tips, ideas and more here on the blog.  Did you also know that I’m also everywhere on the web?

On Facebook, I ask fun questions about your stamping style, show helpful videos, talk about all things crafty and occasionally ask for opinions from fellow crafters.

On Pinterest, I catalogue projects and ideas onto different boards to help you find something inspirational and fun quickly.

On Instagram I am building up loads of images and tags to help you find inspiration on the fly

All my free videos are in one handy place on my You Tube Channel.

And on my Mailing List I share exclusive project ideas, tips, tricks and plus my 5 day e-course to Kickstart Your Creativity only with those on my Mailing List.

If you are fans, friends or followers on these platforms, I invite you to connect with me so you can make sure you don’t miss a single thing!  Just click on the platform below and you will be brought right to where I am so you can subscribe, follow or become a fan.

Kristy Coromandel dot come really is everywhere and now YOU can be connected!

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